Our Tradition

Over a century after its inception, Abdoolally Moosabhoy & Sons remains a family enterprise. True to the principles upon which it was founded, leadership has passed from one generation to the next.

However, more than just the family name ties these generations together in a time-honored tradition of upholding quality and innovation. Each member of the AMS family has remained dedicated to understanding and refining the art of using essential oils to extract unique flavour and fragrance formulations. It is this commitment that has preserved the values behind AMS.

While each successive leader of the company has remained true to tradition, he has also distinguished himself through the uniqueness of his approach to the art of flavour and fragrance. And so, AMS remains loyal to the fundamental values of its founders: creativity, efficiency, quality and sensitivity to the needs of each client.


The company was first established in 1880
by Sheikh Hoosainbhoy Bandukwala
who first established contacts with BUSH.

What we do

A leading distributor of flavours, food colours and fragrances, AMS is dedicated to providing its clients with superior consumer understanding and the highest quality products. We blend and compound a vast range of flavours, food colours and fragrances. Our distribution and marketing encompasses these products as well as essential oils, aroma chemicals, food ingredients and additives.


Our capabilities

While building strong relationships with international associations, we add value to local products and producers. We provide application facilities, technical support and service-oriented retail outlets that are supported by a comprehensive network of established distributors and stockists.

Our strength

We are sensitive to each customer’s unique needs and take personal ownership to supply the best possible service. It is because we know and understand the dynamics of our target market and resources that we are able to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Our expansion

Our longstanding relationships with reputed global suppliers enable us to procure the best key ingredients, concentrates and finished products. Both traditional and new raw materials and products are purchased as per AMS’s market growth and budget.

Blending and compounding
a vast range of flavours,
food colours & fragrances.

Our Products

We service wide and varied end users to professional dealers in the market. We cover Multinationals, large and small national companies in the following segments.

Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don't forget food.
You can go a week without laughing.- Joss Whedon
Good painting is like good cooking:
It can be tasted, but not explained.- Unknown
Learn to love the food that loves you.- Marilu Henner

Contact Us

Contact Information:

Abdoolally Moosabhoy
& Sons
CPO Box No. 5211
Azzainab Court,
Campbell Street Karachi,
Pakistan – 74200




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